Yoni Egg Initiation – Tao-Tantra for Women with Stephanie Engeli 6. November 2022

Join Stephanie on this deeply transformative and magical journey to more self-love, body-awareness, pleasure and ultimately, your infinite power which already lies within you. The Yoni Egg Initiation is a beautiful ritual which initiates you into different Tao Tantric practices which support you in cultivating your feminine essence, soften your body, open your heart, harnessing your sexual life force energy and re-connect with your femininity. This workshop is perfect for you if you feel that you’ve lost touch with your lower body, feel guilt and shame around your sexuality and struggle embracing your femininity. You will learn different tools + practices to deepen into your relationship with yourself, as well as with your lower body, pelvic floor + yoni (Sanskrit for Vagina). The Initiation takes part in the last hour of the workshop and is held in a safe and private environment (no nudity). This is for you if you want to: * Re-connect with your lower-body, pelvic floor and feminine sensuality * Learn a tool to strengthen your pelvic floor and re-establish a relationship with your yoni * Go from feeling numb or painful in your yoni to more sensation, relaxation and openness * Heal guilt and shame around sexuality through cultivating an intimate relationship with your body, feminine essence + sexuality * Get out of your head and masculine go-mode into your body and feel more connected to yourself as well as grounded * Bring deeper acceptance to your feminine body * Confront negative patterns + patriarchal beliefs around femininity + sexuality * Learn to unleash and harness your sexual energy * Relieve PMS symptoms * Experience deeper orgasms & more pleasure INVESTMENT Workshop + Yoni Egg Set (3 yoni eggs): CHF 297 Workshop only: CHF 197 Includes 4,5 hour intensive workshop, a recorded audio ritual and Yoni Egg guide