Yoga is a treasure that makes everyone richer. On our colorful paths through life, we have learned a wide variety of yoga styles and collected the gold pieces from them, which we use in our creative classes. Let us inspire you and accompany you on your path. 

For us there is not THE one yoga style. Because each yoga holds its own treasures. In our yoga classes we use the power of different yoga traditions and yoga styles to work on the respective topic in depth and to achieve your goals and let you shine golden.  

Our Yogagold classes at Stamy Studio have a new theme each month to help positively change your life and your daily routine. If you don't have the chance to practice with us in person at the studio, you can easily join us online for most classes. 


Yoga Teacher

For Alina yoga is much more than just asanas. Therefore she loves to teach every aspect of yoga: physical and philosophical.

Yoga Teacher

Joy, enthusiasm, creativity and a broad knowledge of yoga and meditation make each of her yoga classes a very special piece of...

Yoga Teacher

For Andy, yoga is not limited to one particular style or direction. He loves to combine different elements and techniques to create...
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Veda Yoga

Alina’s Hatha-Vinyasa-Flow is perhaps a bit different from what you would normally expect. But as a strong believer, that yoga is much more than only asanas, she always starts her class with a short talk on yoga philosophy, Ayurveda, Yamas & Niyamas or some other yoga theory. 

For the flow itself, Veda Yoga classes are rather dynamic, using a lot of circular rotations of shoulders and legs, connecting to the core, focusing on the breath, and playing with the movement.

Expect every class to have a different flow, and also exact cues and quite many assists (and maybe a little massage in Shavasana).

Level: Intermediate (but Beginners are welcome if they take it easy)

Language: English


Kundalini Yoga | Breathwork

Find energy 
Find inner strength 
Find happiness 
Find patience 
Find consciousness 
Find detoxification 
Find playfulness 
Find concentration 
Find balance 
Come and find all you can be. 

> LEVEL: Yoga for all levels 
> DURATION: 75 minutes 
> LANGUAGE: English