Yoga Day Retreat through the Chakras

Join Lucrezia & Miquel for a full day of Yoga practice in different facets and aspects working around the chakras, to understand them and tune into them. Lucrezia is a certified Jivamukti Yoga Teacher passionate about animal rights, communication and relationships, and Yoga in all its forms and aspects - "I seek to create and provide safe spaces, where everyone is met right where they are at on their journey. Offering tools and practices to remember our common true nature and follow our dharma." Miquel is a Vinyasa and Yin Yoga teacher passionate about meditation, ceremonial cacao and the conscious inner work - "I think teaching Yoga goes in both ways, as the word Yoga means, to join and unite. The Union between the Yoga instructor guiding and assisting and the teachings from the students and practitioners that unroll their mats to fulfill their intentions in every class." What will be covered in this Day Retreat? - Understanding the chakras - Jivamukti chakra tuning class - Chanting & Meditation with chakra clearing - Ceremonial cacao - Yin session - integrating the day 150 CHF - In case you have difficulties, but would like to attend the day retreat, please contact us for possibilities. Please note: tea and homemade vegan delicacies will be served / Lunch not include