Ceremonial Urban Yin Yoga Teacher Training 21.1.2022 - 12.3.2023

This training is a space where you can experiment, ask questions, un-learn, and re-learn as well as understand yourself on a deeper layer. A big part of this training is personal growth, healing, releasing, and transforming. It is not a yoga holiday, it will be intensive, and it requires a full commitment during the days of active training, self-study, and practicing teaching. It is at least 160 hours but there are way more in between and the hours a training don’t say as much as constant, committed practice, self-reflection, radical self-honesty, and the intention to keep growing, questioning, and cultivating a beginner's mindset with a healthy dose of confidence, self-trust, and groundedness.
Next to the lecture practices and sitting in the ceremony, you’ll experience experimental workshops, where you’ll learn and unlearn what you know about (yin) yoga. • Yin Yoga Journeys & Cacao Ceremonies • 40+ Yin Yoga Asanas in Experimental Workshops • History of Yin Yoga & Yin Yoga Principles • Art of Teaching Yin Yoga & Yin Language • The Art of Creating, Opening, Holding, and Closing Spaces • Yin Yoga Sequencing based on the Prana Vayus (Yogic Tradition) and Myofascial Meridian Lines (Basics of the Fascia System (Anatomy Trains) / there is no TCM in this training) • Meditation & Pranayama Techniques from the Hatha Yoga Philosophy • Mantra, Rituals, Journaling • Art of Adjustments & Hands-on • Business Basics & Creating Yin Yoga-related offerings
Training venue, dates and times Each day from 8/8:30 am to approx. 5:30/6 pm 1st weekend: 21. - 22. January 2023 break 2nd weekend: 4.-5. February 2023 3rd weekend: 11.-12. February 2023 4th weekend: 18.-19. February 2023 break 5th weekend: 11.-12. March 2023