Hello, my name is Vic, I'm from Bilbao and I've lived in different places because I love to travel, meet and connect. As a good Vata that I am, I like to dance and move, so Yoga helps me to focus and calm my mind. It was in Bali where I got hooked; it was something magical, so I decided to start my training there, continuing with the study of Hatha Tantra yoga online at The Practice.

My classes are Hatha - Vinyasa and are adapted to the constitution of the student, the lunar moment...etc. with the aim of calming or activating. Sometimes we flow in class and sometimes we do a more calm and conscious practice, to find the balance and get the best of yoga. It is a practice that emanates from love and gratitude, so my intention is that you leave with light.

My classes are in Spanish and English and are suitable for all levels. Yoga is for everyone 😄

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Vinyasa - Happy Mondays

Monday is the Moon day and the start of the week, so jump into this class and start the week with Energy and your Mood Uplifted. The class will be energetic focusing in enjoying the present moment. This is a balanced class, with a series of asanas (postures) including backbends, forward bends, twists, extensions, side bends, inversions and balances, which intertwines breathing with movement. Each class focuses on a theme and will have a small meditation. 

We will work on flexibility, strength, balance and stability to keep the body and mind healthy. It is a class suitable for all levels, which takes into account the constitution of the student to find balance. This class is in English and can add Spanish depending on the yogis attending.

It is approached from love and in addition to the series of asanas, there will be a small meditation and will end in Savasana to get all the benefits of the practice and help you connect with you and be at peace.

Suitable for all Levels


1 x Trial Class

Valid for 30days from date of purchase
20,00 CHF

4 x Hatha- Vinyasa Yoga

Valid for 90 days from day of purchase.
102,00 CHF