Hello Yogis & Yoginis - Happy you are interested in teaching at Stamy Studio.

Below you see some useful information you should know beforehand and might support you to figure out if our concept meets your expectations.

Teaching at Stamy Studio - what it is

Stamy Studio is a Studio, where each and every Yoga teacher can follow and realize her/his dream of teaching. We provide space, website and continuously work on the commercial reach and promotion of the overall offer – mostly focusing on the class schedule and teacher at the studio. Software system, which we have in place, will allow every teacher to track, organize and control own classes, bookings and invoices. Making it easier to run and organize the daily business.

Stamy Studio shall not just be a place where students may visit high quality yoga classes, it also shall be a place which you as yoga teacher call your own, but having the community backing you up. True to the motto: stay independent, work together – we want to create and support conditions of freedom of work.

Teaching at Stamy Studio - what we offer

Stamy Studio is a yoga studio where teachers work independently (self-employment), teach their preferred Yoga style. As a teacher, you pay the monthly rent to get a slot at the studio. With that contract you benefit from the following additional services:

- display of your regular and private classes, workshop, and retreats on the stamy Studio website

- display of your teacher profile on the Studio website

- option to offer online classes and/or hybrid classes

- special rates for renting the studios for extra workshops or classes

- promotion of your retreats, workshops, etc. on the Stamy Studio website and social media (Instagram, Facebook, Google Business and Stamy Studio newsletter)

- freedom in teaching, you teach what you do best (we are open to a lot of different styles)

- Karma Yogi concept – Yogis are offering support upon their availability for free classes in return

- co-worker concept - shall you decide to no longer teach a physical class, you can join Stamy Coworkership.

So what do we expect from new Stamy Studio coworker:

- A verification that you are registered in Switzerland as a freelance Teacher or therapists (that is normally that you are registered with the SVA of the canton you live in)

- A solid practice in the area of your offer; e.g if you teach Yoga, you shall practice regularly

- A solid teaching practice.

- Endurance, resilience and motivation to build up a class and your own customer community (we do help you build up the class, but it's up to you if you make your class a success).

- Highly motivated and interested in being at Stamy Studio community.

- Timely communication with Stamy Studio Community Mgr where needed.

- Your class can be booked via online schedule at stamy studio website. We use stamy booking system and will charge provisions per bookings. Provision 0.54CHF applies per each class booking and 1.1CHF for individual booking and 10% of the price on product sale. Per month it’s up to 44CHF as monthly threshold amount, which we invoice on a monthly basis. 

- If you decide to no longer teach a regular physical class, but want to keep your slot and offer the classes online. Only booking fee will be applied. Be aware that at the same time, studio might be rent out and a parallel class might be offered at the schedule.

- A good sense of humor and open personality.

Pricing & conditions for regular and online classes

The prices displayed below are for one month renting one class slot per week. Your class can be up to 90 minutes - the duration is up to you and depending on the slot you choose.

Morning and lunch class Monday - Friday:
215 CHF / month
Evening* class Monday - Friday or Sunday: 
270 CHF / month
Online class (up to 90min):
33 CHF / month

*evening classes are devided in two slots: 18.00 - 19.45 and 20.00 - 21.45
All prices are incl. 7.7% tax

One Time Deposit

In addition to the rent, there will be a one-time deposit in the amount of one month’s rent. The deposit has to be transferred to confirm the teaching slot. After the ending of the contract, this amount will be fully paid back. In case the contract is ended from the teacher’s side within one month of starting, Stamy Studio retains the full deposit and 100,- CHF if the contract is ended three months of starting.

The notice period to end the contract is two months as of the end of the month.

Pricing & conditions for internal rent

If you teach a regular class at Stamy Studio you are entitled to reduced prices for renting the studios for workshops, special and private classes:

One day:  110,-CHF
Half-day (2-4h):85,- CHF
Workshop up to 2h:65,- CHF
Privat class à 1.5h (up to max. 2 participants)25,- CHF

All prices are incl. 7.7% tax

What's next - let's get started

Do you like what you read so far? Then let's move on. To see which slots are still open please have a look at our schedules.

A regular class can take place from Monday to Friday or on Sunday evening. Duration and time slot is up to you but needs to fit in the schedule that means your class has to end at least 15 minutes before the next class starts. Please keep in mind that for evening classes we admire special requirements regarding your teaching experience.

We do not offer regular classes at the weekends (besides Sunday evenings) as we keep these free for workshops and the community class.

Online classes can start at any certain time. One overlap at starting and end time is allowed.

If you found a suitable free slot, please get back in contact with us via studio@stamy.studio to talk about the further process.

Something left - Questions & other stuff

If you have any further questions, you are not feeling comfortable or just want to let us know something please get in contact with us via studio@stamy.studio