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Stamy Studio supports students of former and ongoing Yoga Teachers Training. As long as you do need time to collect the experience which will allow you your freedom of teaching, you profit from special rates and conditions. To receive full access to this site, please provide your information using below contact form. We will get in touch with you for the next steps. As a student, you do profit from special rates for room rental. > workshop/class up to 2 hours: 65,- CHF > private class up to 1h 30 hours and max 2 people: 25,- CHF > profile at our website and access to social media All prices are incl. 7.7% tax For the duration of your attendance and practicing for your teacher's training you are free to rent stamy studio. At the kick off, there will be a one-time deposit in the amount of 250,-CHF. The deposit has to be transferred to confirm the booking rights and to receive full access to the rental page with special conditions. After the end of yoga teacher training resp. program and if there are no objections this amount will be fully paid back.

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