My name is Miquel and I’m from Barcelona. Yoga has made its way in my path slowly but constantly. I’ve been practicing for several years and I had my teacher trainings in Zürich and Basel (Vinyasa, Yin and Pranayama as as  focus). 

I think teaching Yoga goes in both ways, as the word Yoga means, to join and unite. The Union between the Yoga instructor guiding and assisting and the teachings from the students and practitioners that unroll their mats to fulfill their intentions in every class. The mat it’s been for me the best place to grow, learn, share, heal and return to the light and love that we all have inside. And... you can unroll your mat everywhere, so Yoga goes everywhere you go!

As a lifelong learner, I will integrate into my classes the learnings I acquire in my journey and adapting them to the class needs since some days it feels for vinyasa flows and moving Yang energy and some days it feels for Yin flows, or even a combination of both, in a constant dance between our Moon and Sun sides.

Classes are held in English.

Miquel's Upcoming Trainings
Miquel's Offer

1 x Trial Class

First time with me. Acquire Abo first and do the booking. Valid for 30days from date of purchase.
15,00 CHF

4 x Yoga pass

With this Abo you are entitled to visit all my classes. Valid for 90 days from date of purchase
90,00 CHF

Casual Yin Sunday with Fabio and Miquel

Our intention is to create a space to unwind and rest after the work week. We welcome everyone who is curious to try meditation, breathing techniques and yin. Yin Yoga offers an ideal space for active meditation by reconnecting to our body sensations, our breathing and our heart beat. 

EveryBody is different when it comes to Yin, so even if it is your first time you’re welcome to try.


Day Retreat with Lucrezia and Miquel - 10 December

Join Lucrezia & Miquel for a full day of Yoga practice in different facets and aspects working around the chakras, to understand them and tune into them.

Lucrezia is a certified Jivamukti Yoga Teacher passionate about animal rights, communication and relationships, and Yoga in all its forms and aspects - "I seek to create and provide safe spaces, where everyone is met right where they are at on their journey. Offering tools and practices to remember our common true nature and follow our dharma."

Miquel is a Vinyasa and Yin Yoga teacher passionate about meditation, ceremonial cacao and the conscious inner work - "I think teaching Yoga goes in both ways, as the word Yoga means, to join and unite. The Union between the Yoga instructor guiding and assisting and the teachings from the students and practitioners that unroll their mats to fulfill their intentions in every class."

What will be covered in this Day Retreat?

Understanding the chakras

Jivamukti chakra tuning class

Chanting & Meditation with chakra clearing

Ceremonial cacao

Yin session - integrating the day

150 CHF - In case you have difficulties, but would like to attend the day retreat, please contact us for possibilities.

Please note: tea and homemade vegan delicacies will be served / Lunch not include


Reiki and energy work

I learned in Barcelona the art of healing through energy work, reiki and lightwork from teachers they've been giving therapies for more than 10 years doing several courses and trainings. I can talk from experience when I say that these learnings helped me to heal myself, develop my spiritual path and being aware that having an holisitic approach in life gives you the tools you need to navigate it. I managed to surround myself again in Switzerland by amazing therapists and teachers, and it arrived a moment where I wanted to give to others what I also received. If you would like to go for a session/s with me feel free to book your spot or send me an e-mail (miquel.sanagustin@gmail.com) to clarify any questions you might have. 


Pranayama & Meditation - Chakra series (online & free)

Are you curious about meditation and the benefits of Pranayama?

Even if the sea is agitated and with strong waves (as life sometimes is), under the surface of the sea the waters are quiet, you can observe from a different perspective, focusing your awareness on a space of inner peace.

It doesn't matter if you're familiar with the techniques or if you want to give it a try. I invite you to an immersion series of 7 sessions (30 mins of duration each), every Monday at 7:30am starting on 31st of October.

Every week we will work in a different chakra and different Pranayama & meditation techniques. 

It's free and online and if you register, you'll get by e-mail the recording so you can practise it any other time of the week.


Yang to Yin Flow

Yang to Ying Flow integrates dynamic Vinyasa Sequences in the beginning, to finish the class RESToring with Yin Poses. It will integrate some Pranayama, Meditation and playful asanas to experiment, getting to know your body more and creating your own regular practice.


Hatha Vinyasa Flow

Hatha Vinyasa Flow is an approach to postural yoga, bringing attention to the breath, movement and body awareness. We will work with meditation, pranayama and a succession of asanas and postures to allow our system to harmonize, nourish and relax. Vinyasa means to "consciously place in a special way or particular order", so every week, we'll work with a different Sankalpa (intention) to make it your practice.