Breath Work & Feminine Energy Workshop

Experience breath work in a completely new way. Most exercises won't be done in a sitting position. We will move, stand, dance, laugh, and so much more. You will use your body as a vessel to activate the feminine power that lies within you. Price: 67,- CHF This workshop will combine the sacred tool of breath work with powerful tools to activate the feminine energy. After this workshop, you will feel an overflow of your powerful feminine energy. You will feel grounded & activated at the same time. The best state to be in. If you're not living in your healthy feminine energy that might show in various ways: - fear of expressing your truth, thoughts, opinions & gifts - hard time setting healthy boundaries - being stuck a lot in comparison mode (& jealousy) - perfectionism & hustle mindset - not feeling worthy & good enough Not healing your relationship with your feminine energy can cause a lot of physical, emotional & energetic turbulences in your life. Let's change that! Activating your feminine energy is not about how you dress or how sexy you can dance. Activating your feminine energy is something that happens deep within you. A sacred practice of surrendering & acceptance. Are you ready to activate your feminine power in combination with transformational breathwork? I am very excited to create a safe space on the 24th of November for you to experience your true power. During 90min you will feel the power of: - a safe space - women empowering women - your ancient, sacred feminine energy - ceremonial cacao - an ancient practice to open the heart chakra - self-love & self-awareness - an experienced guide that will walk a part of your journey with you