Andi Lusti

If one person can be described as a "born leader" or a "rock in the surf", then it is definitively Andy. His natural calm is as unparalleled as it is infectious. 

A look at his youth shows that he can also do things differently: "Higher, faster, better" was the maxim that drove him to top sporting performances in ice hockey and snowboarding, for example, and also later brought him to the top in the communications industry. The creative director, who has won many awards, found his balance in the stressful daily routine of adrenaline sports or his beloved mountains' seclusion. Until he discovered something new with yoga. 

Andy attended his first yoga teacher training to learn more about the background and philosophy of yoga and cultivate his practice. Here his curiosity was piqued even more so that further training quickly followed. For Andy, yoga is not limited to one particular style or direction. The certified Master of Yoga and Yin Yoga teacher always discovers new techniques and elements and creatively integrates them into his classes. Andy teaches in German and English.

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