Alina Cvetkova

Riga. Stockholm. Amsterdam. Barcelona. Zurich. Born in Latvia, she has already passed through different stages in her life. Today she lives in Zurich, speaks seven different languages and writes whenever she can. 

Alina has found yoga early in life, as a subconscious attraction to something she can not explain. Her natural drive for knowledge was awakened and slowly but surely she immersed in the world of yoga and Ayurveda, year by year. She might not have kept her sadhana (practice) regularly in the beginning, but she always came back to it until finally she arrived to the point, where she couldn’t live without practicing daily. 

As a means of sharing what she has learnt with others, it was only a matter of time before she signed up for her first yoga teacher training - only to start the next training immediately after graduation. 

Alina strongly believes that yoga is much more than just asanas. Therefore she always starts her Hatha Vinyasa class with a short, philosophical talk on various yoga related topics, which she takes up again and again during the yoga class. Combined with her unique humor, exciting Hindu myths, exact cues and precise assistance, in the end not only the muscles are comprehensively trained and the whole body relaxed, but also the mind is inspired.

Alina's Upcoming Trainings